Poison waters……..

Poison Waters
Lost focus is one of the biggest dream thieves.
We assume all are taught how to make plans, how to begin and travel a well worn path, and how to finish or complete the goal. Maybe that assumption is incorrect; most people have not been taught to run to the finish. I believe there is a direct connection in one’s ability to see themselves living with their dream and with what they have been taught. Look behind the dreamless person and you will discover a shadow called fear, resulting in incomplete cycles within this person’s life. Normally, a person that leads their life by fear has a difficult time with commitment, thus easy to understand why this personality has a rough time staying the course. Fear causes broken commitments causing disconnection every time.
There are times outside forces try to destroy our life. Times like these are most sad and most difficult to walk through. If you have ever had a crime committed against you, if you have suffered any loss, or your body or mind is ravished with a chronic disease; the higher intelligence within us is always there to guide us through these storms. Or if personalities with hidden motives desire to harm us because they have a false perception of what we and they are… We will learn our lessons and move on, for we must move on to truly learn the lesson. If we find ourselves in too much pain, we can ask if we could learn the lesson in a gentler manner. We decide what we want to experience before we enter this reality and we can change our mind. Through no fault of our own, we will run into some personalities that we need to deal with; some personalities are so toxic, sucking all the life from everyone within their reach, we must protect our life.
We cannot help others, or even live our lives, if we are always dealing with a toxic personality. A toxic personality has a talent of creating drama every other day and think drama is normal. They even say, “Everyone has drama.” Sure drama happens once in a while, but not every week! If drama occurs every week, you are or have a toxic personality in your life. This personality needs to be fed attention every waking moment, thus robbing everyone’s joy, time, and energy; exhausting every one of all their energy and even money. They are always needing something and yet never, ever, being satisfied.

Another more subtle toxic personality is one who thinks they have the best ideas and think they should be the leader of a group. So they make little passive-aggressive statements about the leader with the purpose that the leader is slowly discredited. Yet that personality almost never has any substantial training on anything, but still behaves as if they are the “All knowing One.”
As a Sea Priestess, I only give recommendations. It is you who makes any decision on how to handle such personalities within your Group or Sea Priest Correllian Temple. I only want you to live the happiest life you are able, as a leader and Sea Priestess. Maybe for the past several years you just have not had the time to accomplish what you want and maybe you didn’t realize that all your time has been taken up by a life sucker. Something to consider…as you step into the deep end of the pool. Do not spend too much time on these personalities, because our focus is on Spirit. Be careful not to spend too much time on politically motivated people, as well.
I know that sounds harsh, however, it is us that leads our Groups or Temples, making difficult decisions, so that our main vision stays in tact and our teachings are evolving through loving, selfless, Sea Priestesses. Some leaders like to spend much time with these personalities, indirectly using them as great excuses on why their vision is not moving forward. These personalities can cut a group down at its knees if the group does not have a well seasoned leader.
Poison waters can show up in many ways – other than personalities, another way is having everything taken from you.
Excuses are how dreams are cut down at the knees. Of course, there are a few legitimate excuses from time to time, but even they can be overcome. If you truly have a legitimate excuse to not capture your dream, or live big, I understand. Conversely, I know Steven Hawkins the genius of the twentieth century did not use his debilitating condition to keep him from expressing himself in this reality system. Once people realized he could communicate through a computer, the world was changed by his brilliance. I also know another man and when he was fifteen had no home. He lived in a peach orchard in New Jersey, had no money, had nothing, and got himself up everyday to go to school where he struggled to read and write because he had a condition that no one identified. No, he was not a troubled teen, he was a good boy. Even though this boy was incredibly intelligent, no one knew how intelligent he was. Every day was a struggle and he had a million legitimate excuses to not capture his dream. He refused to take no for an answer and used what he had, which was utterly nothing but his thoughts, to slowly capture his dream. Yes, you have every right to live any way you select; you can select nothing, just so long you select it and that’s what you desire to be perfectly content.
I am sure we have all heard this statements, “I tried everything and nothing works,” “I can’t finish that because of..,” “I almost finished, but someone/something happened,” “I was hoping to earn that, but things just did not work out,” “I can’t do that because of him or her,” or “I can’t do that because some people are causing trouble.” There are some people that have this pattern within their lives; something almost happens, something almost earned, something almost gained, almost found, almost, almost, almost.
This personality always starts with great intentions and great plans, but soon begins to work against their own plans by collecting excuses as if they are their oxygen; literally collecting reasons to not reach their own self made goal. This good person desires to reach the finish line, while her words and actions say differently, and left wondering why they lost focus along the way and cannot make those last steps to the finish line. Yes, we all have bumps in the road. However, this person’s road always has bumps. I call this life movement “Incomplete Cycles.” A person that lives within “incomplete cycles” makes sure they have a myriad of barriers at their ready, before they even begin! So they can console themselves and others by saying, “I really wanted that dream, BUT for….” and will pull out a trusty excuse. They will look at the excuse as if it was their original goal. Or look at a troubled personality and say, “I could not complete this goal because I spent too much time with them.” Out of nowhere, something happens! Something always happens! This personality believes everyone lives in incomplete cycles, as we do not.
Sometimes, there are some people within our lives that are toxic and may be a huge part of why we cannot achieve what we want or need in our life. We need to identify them, not judge them, just identify them and work around them. Now if you have identified everyone in your life as toxic, then guess what – it is you who is toxic, not them. Or some excuse makers may intentionally utilize these toxic personalities to keep themselves hidden from life. The people with this issue almost always have three types of toxic people at their beck and call. They are all spoilers, the drama queen or king, the control freak, and the infamous Ms/Mr. Big ego, a person that has an ego the size of Texas. This cast of characters are at the “excuse makers” beck and call and does not realize how one feeds on the other; not a healthy situation, sometimes entertaining yes, but far from healthy.
The excuse maker must ask herself, “What do I really want? Do I want that education, that job, that house, that business, that relationship, that experience?” If the answer is a resounding yes, then allow nothing to push you off your path; consider road blocks as stepping stones to your life. It is your path and your road blocks. The trick is knowing to jump over, or dive beneath, walk around, dissolve, or transmute the road block to work for you and make something that was meant to stop you become something that propels you forward, toward your goal. Sure you can remain friends with a drama queen or king, the control freak, or Mr. Big ego, but do not get sucked into their reasoning, their drama, their grand plans, their rules; because their vortex will cause you to be pushed aside and rendered useless. When dealing with these types, you will get push around, guaranteed. If you play with fire, you will get burned. Not them, you.
Once one takes a step back from toxic personalities, the fog will lift. It is now time to follow through with your plan. I know I have said this before, but it needs to be said again; if you keep getting something you do not want, it is because you are focusing on what you do not want. Look beyond what you have and see your goal in your hands.
Think small!
Think, “I can take this one small step today.” Then take one small step that will bring you closer to your dream. We need to be untrained in order to focus on one small thing a day. It is untrue that dreams seem to be unattainable; they are attainable if they come from you.
We need more dreamers. There are “things” still unknown at this time, whereby only dreamers can uncover. There are things that the world does not know we need that need to be invented. There are places that need to be discovered. There are species that are still hidden from us and need to be uncovered. So let us dream small, because sometimes we need to become small before we can see the All. Sometimes when we discover the smallest part of something, we realize it is the smallest part that moves the larger parts. Uncovering the smallest parts unlocks our understanding of the largest part. Consider a small rudder that guides a large ship on the water… The door to gain all this is to finish your dream.
Poison Waters are just excuses, or people we use as excuses. This means we are fully capable of pouring fresh water into the poison water until all is healthy and clear again. The manner is up to our discretion on how we keep our waters excuse free.


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