There is power in the idea “Ubuntu”. Because at its heart, it essentially means “Human Kindness”

Kindness is the remedy to all the cruelty of history. It makes friends of enemies and softens the hardest hearts.

In the eyes of the Creator, who is Kindest of the Kind, all beings must be kindly one towards another, demonstrating goodwill towards all, engendering peace and concord among all peoples.

Any sense of “Superiority” must by corrected by the Truth. No one is permitted to act unkindly towards another human based on any sense of racial, religious, intellectual or even physical pride.

Our worth is not gauged by how many people we are “better than”- Our worth is determined by the depth of our love and the degree of our kindness.

It is unkind for adherents of one Religion to harm or injure the adherents of another.

It is unkind for one race to insult and slander other races.

It is unkind to reserve your good manner and graces for only your family, club or clique and to treat “outsiders” as “outsiders”.

If we are not good to everyone, we are no good at all.

Love is the Salvation of our species and can liberate our planet in this generation.

I believe the Ubuntu Liberation Movement is the most potent social movement to ever emerge on the global stage.

Please support Ubuntu Party USA in 2016 by reading the book “Ubuntu Contributionism”

by Michael Tellinger


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