Christiana Pennsylvania

Bio: I love to stand in an old library and just smell all the unusual old smells read all the antiquey books and just escape into the unknown worlds and hidden treasures of the good old classics what else could be better *smirks*. I am a dreamer, I'm an extremist, I like the things you can not touch rather then the things in life you CAN touch I am not a material person in any way! I love to dance, eat good food- cook good food ,enjoy good wine, I love to sing and dance , I love the outdoors and just living for today and get the best I can out of each and every day! I have a beautiful family and love them with all my heart! I've come a LONG way from who I use to be and I don't like to think of it as if I've changed I like to think I merely just FOUND Myself more rather then I lost a part of me or changed any bit of me I've merely just made an improvement is how I like to imagine it ♥ ! I just want to be happy..... 🙂 Life is too short! I am Wiccan/Pagan ; It means I follow an earth/nature religion, I see the divine manifest in all creation. I worship a deity that is both male & female, a mother Goddess & father God, who together created all that is, was, or will be. I respect life, cherish the free will of sentient beings, & accept the sacredness of all creation. Neo-Pagan Witches aren't Satanists.The Christian anti-God,Satan,has no place in Pagan pantheons,either mythologically/theologically. Plainly & simply, to non-Christians,Satanism is the dark side of Christianity. Wicca is not evil. I dont harm/seduce people. Im not dangerous. I'm an ordinary person like you. with family, jobs, hopes,& dreams. I'm not apart of a cult. I'm not what you think I am from looking at T.V. Im real. I laugh, I cry, I love, I joke, Im serious. I have sense of humor & you don't have to be afraid of me! I dont want to convert you & please dont try to convert me. Just give me the same right I give you,to live in peace. I'm much more similar to you whether you want to believe it or not. Live and let live! Life is too short. My Political Views differ I don't have a clear definition of what I am.... but one thing I do know is I do firmly believe in equality for all! ♥ I like people with depth. I like people with emotion and passion. I like people with a strong mind, an interesting mind, a twisted mind and also someone who can make me laugh and smile. But most importantly I like to find people who have as much ambition in life as I do and who wants to make life work just as much as I do. Not make it harder w/constant drama. I want people around me who are in it for the long haul and not interested in playing games. - She's mad but she's magic. There's NO LIE in her fire!!! Still, in the glass, she sees her own mouth, opening and closing and silent as a fish.

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